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Reflective Personal Conflict Assignment

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 Using the text, Have a Nice Conflict, analyze a personal conflict you have experienced in the last 12-18 months.

Include the following in your analysis: Introduction


 What is conflict? What is relationship awareness theory?

Describe your conflict.
Analyze the conflict using the core five principles of anticipate, prevent, identify, manage and resolve (as outlined in the textbook).
Include the following observations as you write your paper:

 SDI & Motivational Values:
o What motivational value systems were you operating with?
o Whatabouttheotherperson/party–whatwastheirmotivationalvaluesystem? o Whatdoyouthinkweretheintentionsoftheotherperson/party?Whydoesthis

• How did you and/or the other person shift in MVS as the conflict escalated (three stages) or

could have escalated? Conclusion

• Based on what you have learned in the textbook, classroom lectures, activities, and your own SDI assessment, how could this conflict have been prevented, or been more effectively managed?

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