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Reflective Marketing Research Assignment

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TOPIC: My topic of research will be about JCPenny and why the company is currently failing and could disappear as a whole.

You as a Marketing Research Manager have been assigned to conduct a small marketing research study. You have selected your research topic in Week 1& 2.  Please prepare a research proposal that provides the following items: 

  1. Problem definition (Chapter 3) – What is the real problem you are trying to solve through your research. This should include 1) discovering and defining marketing issues, 2) management dilemmas, and 3) research questions. 
  2. Research design (Chapter 2-3) – How would you design your research? This should include research type, purpose, how to collect data, time frame, scope, and environment.

Instructions for Assignment:

  • 2-3 Pages in APA 7th format excluding cover and reference pages 
  • Use a minimum of  3 references: Don’t forget to cite them. 
  • Submit in a Word format, not the PDF file. 
  • Due to violations of academic integrity, you are instructed to do the following due this coming Sunday.

Go to:
    and check your assignment (any format – Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Take a screenshot of your submission, the screenshot must show your content and the result. Copy the screenshot into your assignment at the end, after your reference page.

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