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Page 7 of the document needs to be turned into a 4 page paper answering each question about my job experience and life lessons/experiences on those jobs. This is to substitute my life experiences on the job in the criminal justice field instead of doing an internship. For this 4 page paper you will follow KOLB’s MODEL OF EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING (page 7)… I will upload my resume and the TU guidelines to follow for this paper

The Portfolio Paper will demonstrate learning outcomes through addressing the topics provided by the faculty assessor 

The student will follow Kolb’s Model to focus the portfolio as is listed below:

The paper will address each topic, as provided by the assessor. The paper will provide a conceptual or theoretical as well as a practical understanding of the topic.  The paper will show some relationship to the learner’s degree goals and/or lifelong learning goals. 

Portfolio credit is grounded in the model of adult learning developed by David A. Kolb and is assessed through documentation of technical and professional noncredit instruction and through assessment of a learning outcomes paper based on a topic outline as provided by a faculty assessor. 

The portfolio will not only detail the experience but will also describe the learning, conceptualization and application. This includes describing the thought processes that led to valuable insights or principles in a particular content area and describing concepts learned. Questions provided in this handbook, which are based on Kolb’s Model of Experiential Learning, will specifically guide the student through these thought processes during the creation of this paper.

******I am trying to use my prior work history to substitute for an internship because I’ve already had years of experience. I have to get this paper approved********

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