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Reflective Business Internship Discussion

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Discuss those components that you will be working on in this session to build or improve your professional portfolio

·  Arrange to interview a manager or a supervisor of a department at the company where you intern Prepare three (3) to five (5) questions for your interview and describe the main points of the interview content and experience.


  What are some of the major observations you made in regard to your interview; were you satisfied with the information gained during the interview?

·  What are some of your own personal strengths and weaknesses related to the interview process?


  Describe the culture of the organization where you are an intern. Provide observations on whether it is hierarchical or a flat organizational structure.

·  Is there a mission statement for your organization? Has it been shared with you? Give examples.

·  How does your company communicate most effectively?

·  Consider your own communication style, in “Apply Learning How to Speak Confidently and Communicate Effectively”


  Reflect on your communication style, are you direct or indirect?

·  How can you improve your communication style within your work environment?

Include how they may have furthered your career or caused you to rethink your career goals.

Your paper should include your experiences, observations, and the key concepts based

on the internship and business course experience. Assignment will be a Turnitin paper of 4 pages.

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