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Recruiting Methods Assignment

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Option #1: Recruiting Methods

One of the primary objectives of recruiting is to attract qualified candidates to meet the organization’s goals and objectives. Once organizations have determined the necessary worker competencies, the next step is to identify various sources that will help the organization determine the best candidates for the open roles. Often organizations will look internally, as it is the path of least resistance. However, to attract new talent outside of the organization, external recruitment efforts can be employed.

In today’s current workforce, there is a mixture of both onsite and remote workers. Onsite workers are workers that typically work at the physical location of an organization. Virtual workers can work anywhere electronically.

As a recruiting manager for a company of your choice:

1. Create a job opening, based on the needs of the company.

2. Describe the position, as well as the ideal candidate.

3. List the job duties that will be performed.

4. List the required qualifications for the position

5. Make sure to include whether the job will be onsite or virtual. Explain why this job is virtual/onsite.

Finally, devise a report to share with the leadership team about which recruitment method (e.g., external or internal), you believe is appropriate for hiring your worker. Additionally, explain why you believe an onsite worker or virtual worker should be employed for this particular position.

Your paper should be 5 -pages in length and conform to the  APA

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