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Quality and Healthcare Management

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Title of assignment:  

The effective governance and management of quality and safety in healthcare involves a comprehensive approach to standardisation, risk management, measurement and monitoring including a continuous focus on improving systems, processes and procedures to ensure safe,effective care and services. Critically discuss this statement.       


The essay should address the following

  • Define governance and management in the context of healthcare quality and patient safety.
  • Discuss the context for increasing clinical governance and accountability in healthcare.
  • Outline key governance policies, strategies legislation, regulation and compliance related to healthcare quality and safety.
  • Discuss the key components of a quality healthcare system.
  • Discuss the focus on using quality improvement approaches to drive quality and patient safety.
  • What evidence is there to demonstrate that healthcare quality and safety is improving?
  • Discuss the challenges that arise in improving quality and patient safety in healthcare.
  • Discuss recommendations for sustaining improvement in healthcare quality and patient safety.

Go to St Angela’s College Student Handbook (2019/2020) for guidelines on presentation of written assignments and referencing style. Please apply the principles of anonymity and confidentially to the assignment.

Discussion Forums: 10% of overall assessment of module (10 marks)              

Discussion titles

  1. Discuss the key drivers for quality improvement within healthcare.
  2. Discuss the following statement: Does measuring and monitoring healthcare quality lead to improvements in care or services, or is it just about achieving compliance?
  3. Discuss how reporting healthcare incidents can impact on quality improvement.

Lecturer will supply specific instructions in relation to each discussion piece. The task will involve writing an opinion. You are encouraged to read each other’s comments and respond to each other and or with the lecturer. The word count will be approximately 100-200 words, which is around a paragraph of writing.

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