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Purchasing and Technology Assignment

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Purchasing and Technology Assignment


The purchasing function is responsible for identifying the operational needs of the organization, negotiating, determining product specifications, and working with and choosing vendors. Managers are charged with making the appropriate buying decisions in an ethical and professional manner.

Topic: Purchasing and Technology

You read about blockchain ledger technology. Now do some additional research out on the Internet and share your URL with the rest of the class regarding either videos or viable information regarding blockchain technology.

Make sure to title each part of your response as Part A and B.

Part A: Technology

  • Discuss how you think this technology will change food and beverage purchasing. Explain your response.
  • Discuss how POS systems are used in eating establishments. When does it make sense to use a POS system? What advantages are there for management in using a POS system? Purchasing and Technology Assignment

Part B: Contracts

A large part of purchasing has to do with contracts. Based on your reading on contracts in Chapter 6, see if you can spot the problems in the following scenario.

  • A hotel’s events person put out a request for a bid to contract for glassware for its New Year’s extravaganza. The Dish Company bid was accepted. The glassware was delivered on a timely basis but the Dish Company was not paid. What could have gone wrong? Explain.


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