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Mondi public limited company is a British multinational packaging and paper group employing many workers around all their production sites within several countries within the world and mostly Europe. It is a company that is entirely joined through the packing and paper assessment from the mounting of wood and the built-up of blend and broadsheet to the translation of packaging papers, industrial bags, and extrusion undercoats and production of inner. The company is organized in different global divisions. It also manages forest and tabloid mills in Russia and South Africa and extracts tissue, tabloid and malleable layers alongside advanced and customer wrapping in both paper and supple plastics.

The corporation is a countersign and promoters of the universal compact UN ingenuity for corporate devoted to generally acknowledged ideologies in the regions of human rights, labour environment and anti-corruption. Similar restrictions are smeared to observe the ecological effect of the manufacturing procedures. I have scrutinized the company and its operations and identified that the company is using a simple management strategy to run its operations to achieve its goal which is bringing us composed in subsidizing to an enhanced biosphere by creating packing and tabloid that is supportable by strategy.

In this study, I will discuss the strategies which the company has put into practice to achieve its goal and how it can improve in its management strategy so as increase its output. Again I will discuss the themes which are put in place by the entire company to ensure the smooth running of its operation.


After studying this company, I have known that it is a company that performs under global combat since it operates within environmental restrictions like deforestation which brings a lot of side effects to the entire environment.  The company’s hunger is to provide significant accretive development sustainably through their four planned charge drivers. The four planned value drivers which enable the company to be the leading international packaging and paper group with a robust stage have been discussed below (Perrott, 2018, p. 25).

Delivering value accretive growth sustainability- from the studies, I have realized that sustainability is an attribute that deceits at the centre of their policy to initiative cost accretive development. The company believes that sustainability is more than their achieved goal but also takes into consideration that international sustainability encounters will protect the lengthy tenure achievement of their corporate and value their investors.  

  1. Ambition concert along the cost manacle- the company’s desire for enactment is continuously fundamental to the way they run their business. The company is focused on commercial excellent and thin progressions to demanding eminence managing and operative excellent programs that enhance productivity and efficiency. I have learned that continuous improved arrangements and progressions develop efficiency, growing effectiveness, plummeting surplus and safeguarding our progressions stay trim.
  2. Participate in resources with cost advantage- I have realized that the company has managed to invest in a cost-advantage benefit base to conserve and increase its affordability. The company has also identified that controlled tactic in exploring, favourable and completing investment developments as also other key strengths which are a significant part in effectively providing robust return over the series.
  3. Stimulate the publics- the company has defined a methodology and developed a continuous protection approach to certify the company workers and people around them have a purpose to be Mondi spots and stays harmless. From this care, the function has learned that improving the expertise of staffs is a crucial portion of increasing an alert and inspired labour force that is skilful in conveying the company’s policy and lashing achievement in a justifiable approach.
  4. Partner with customers to achieve their sustainability- the company has ensured that they work closely with their customers. The collaboration of staff with the customers creates a high-quality, innovative and sustainable solution in long term success. The company has enabled me to identify and know that the relationship between the customers and the entire employees enable the company to achieve its goals and increase input.


The company is delighted in performing at its best and maintains high standards of their products by combining their integrated efforts in the value chain, strong relationship, responsible resource management and competitive advantages. These values enable the Mondi Company to create value for its stakeholders. The company performs under an integrated value chain which enables it to perform and achieve its set goals. I have learned that when it comes to the relationship it is important to partner with stakeholders, understand their challenges and managing risk to find solutions for the shared success. When there is no good relationship between the stakeholders and the customers, staff and also the management, it is very difficult to achieve the set goals of the company (Küng, 2011, p. 53).  

Another important factor in the value chain is the management of resources. The company ensures responsible management of natural resources and also collaborates across the value chain to support a low carbon future. This collaboration has enabled the company to work under the combat of the UN and ensure environmentally emitted gases do not exceed the requirements of the United Nations Environment Programs. I have learned that the resources are required to be managed properly since it is from the management of the resources where the company achieves its goals and have a high-quality output for their clients. I have also come to realize proper management of resources starts from determining the resources which are in short of supply and focusing on them, agreeing on a common approach to prioritize work and the processes continue until I keep the most valuable assets and resources active and happy (Berry, 2017, p. 340).

There is also an important factor known as the financial approach. The company has a disciplined approach when it comes to investment in asset-based through the cycle. The company’s healthy currency cohort and forceful fiscal situation offer them with tactical litheness to follow significant accretive opportunities when they arise ensuring that the company is positioned strongly to drive value for their stakeholders. According to this factor, I have realized that in any company, finances is the determiner of every successful project. Have learned that when the management approaches the financial without a common agenda which is achieving its set objectives, it’s a clear indication that the set targets will never be achieved due to poor formulation of hypothesis and also a poor approach of the laid processes.

Mondi Company has enabled me to learn how to practice the management strategy, operation and how to partner with other stakeholders of the company for the proper functioning of the state and to increase the output of the entire company. Other stakeholders also have a huge impact on the company when it comes to the operational and partnership for smooth functioning of the company. These stakeholders include employees, customers, communities, suppliers and contractors and lastly partner with industry associations and regulators. The company has set aside value for each of these stakeholders since there must be provided for them to encourage transparency and undertake actions to mitigate risks (Roberts, 2013, p. 760).


The study has helped me to learn the managerial strategies of the company. From Mondi Company, I have learned that it is important for any industry or any company that aims to prosper in future to enrol and put in practice the managerial strategies for the proper running of the projects to have high output and continue producing the best quality for customers.

Some factors should be put in place to make sure the company runs smoothly. From the study, I have learned that it is important for a company to ensure that it invests in assets with a cost advantage. This is an important factor of production which every company should emulate be keen in their daily running of services.


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