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Identifying social determinants of health in populations

Assessment 1: Identifying social determinants of health in populations

Intent: To identify specific Indigenous sub-populations and underlying psycho-social, medical, and political determinants that influence their health.

Subject learning objectives: This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s): A, C and D

Course intended learning outcome(s): 2.0, 4.0 and 5.0

Weight: 15%

Submission: Via Turnitin

Task Details

Identify an Indigenous sub-population and specific determinants that may negatively affect their health. Examine and discuss the underlying reasons for these impacts. Please note that this does not have to be a subgroup of the Australian Indigenous population. You can pick any country that you want.

This essay has three sections as follows:

1. Introduce your sub-population. How does your sub-population compare to other populations in this country or region? (200 words)

2. What are the main factors, what determinants are most prevalent? (200 words)

3. What advocacy or policy change has occurred in this area and how could further policy change help your chosen sub-population? (200 words)

Length: 600 words total

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