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Psychology Ergonomics Assignment

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Psychology Ergonomics Assignment


This written assignment will require students to apply all of the ergonomic concepts covered in this course.  You must select a real life job (on or off campus) of your choice and conduct an ergonomic analysis.  The paper should clearly indicate the application of ergonomics theory, identification of potential musculoskeletal disorder(s), and analysis through use of risk assessment tool and suggest at least two (2) ergonomic designs and/or redesign changes to the job/task.

The paper must provide a concise description of the issue and its effect on the people involved (based on your own direct observations), include a review of contemporary literature with references.  The methodology you adopt for analysis of the issue should be included, as well as a discussion on the key points.  Again, it is essential that you include recommendations for improvement of the situation in your assignment.

Your assignment should not exceed 4 pages (tables, appendices and photographs are encouraged and are considered additional). Psychology Ergonomics Assignment

Structure of Paper: The paper should be presented in academic report format.

  • Include a brief introduction of the topic to set the scene and indicate why this topic has ergonomics relevance.
  • The background should define the scope of your review and an overview of appropriate literature. Focus on some key and specific tasks of the job / task (based on your own direct observations) so that you are able to conduct an assessment of some depth, rather than a superficial statement of issues.
  • Briefly describe and/or define the risk assessment tool (methodology) you would have used to assess the system and present your findings.
  • The most significant part of the paper should address a discussion of findings and key issues in an ergonomics systems context; leading to recommendations or identification of areas of further research / analysis where relevant.

    Give your assignment a title – e.g. An Analysis of Nursing Tasks in an ICU.

    Use sub-headings to guide the reader – e.g. Introduction/Background, Methods, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations.

    Remember to label all tables, photographs and refer to these in the text.

    Your paper should acknowledge contributors and permission should be obtained from

workplaces to utilize information for academic purposes.  As well, ensure any literature is properly sited under References.

Possible topics: The following topics are provided as suggestions only.  You can select any of these or a topic / work application of your choice. It must have an ergonomics focus and lend itself to analysis of the human – work system.
1. Nurses in a hospital intensive care unit

  1. Mining
    3. Food manufacture / processing
    4. Building / construction
    5. Library workers
    6. Customer call centre
    7. Clothing / textile / footwear manufacture
    8. Laboratory workers
    9. Surgery
    10. Child Care workers
    11. Agriculture / horticulture
    12. Office administrator

The selected workplace of interest could deal with any of the following tasks: sitting, standing, bending forward, lifting/lowering, controlling, pushing, pulling, repetitive, fine, heavy, light, kneeling, computing, cleaning, night or day shift, driving, etc.
It is encouraged that students provide several pictures of the work task. APA format

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