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Psychology Assignment

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Psychology Assignment

You are an educational psychologist, tasked with presenting a seminar for high school psychology teachers and/or higher education undergrad psychology professors. The objective of the presentation is to provide instruction to the teachers about ways to use educational psychology to create an optimal learning experience for students in their psychology courses. Select a minimum of two approaches: Behaviorism, Cognitive or Constructivist. Use course content and current (five years or newer) peer-reviewed research as the basis of your recommendations.

Select one of the following learning environments as the basis of your examples:

  • Online
  • Face-to-face (FTF)
  • Blended

Select two of the three educational psychology theories as the basis of your recommendations.

  • (a) behavioral,
  • (b) cognitive/social cognitive
  • (c) constructivist theories of learning

Define each of the two theoretical approaches you select, discuss one or more major theorists for each of the two and provide research-based applications for teaching psychology students.

Explain the developmental learning level of the students (high school/higher education)

Discuss instruction (how will students learn)

Discuss the theoretical basis of motivation (why will students learn). Provide examples of assessment (how will teachers determine whether learning has occurred). Remember the premise is not to explain what to teach; it is instead to explain how to teach using educational psychology. At the end of week 7, the project will be submitted in two parts 1) a paper with an introduction, a detailed outline of the content including the material described above, a conclusion, and a reference list with a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles plus the Woolfolk text. 2) your presentation to psychology teachers submitted as a PowerPoint with sound or a video. Additional directions for the recording are provided under the week one table on the course page. APA FORMAT

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