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Psychological Concepts For Obedience To Authority

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Assignment Criteria:

2.1. Explain two main psychological concepts for obedience to authority.

In task 2, your work will be consistently relevant and tightly linked to the psychological approach and mental illness that you have chosen to cover. You will demonstrate an excellent understanding of how the psychological approaches interpret the mental illness, including but going beyond the main similarities and differences between the approaches

Task 2: [AC 2.1] Case Studies: – Word Limit 600 words

Nathan is a junior member of a company who has been invited to a meeting. A suggestion is made, which he thinks is senseless, but everyone else seems to agree and think it is a good idea.

2a. Should Nathan point out their mistake or keep quiet? If Nathan agrees with the unanimous agreement, why would he be doing so? Explain in relation to the normative or informational conformity. (300 words )

In 2001, 18-year-old Wayne Jowett, on remission from Leukaemia, died when a cancer drug was wrongly injected into his spine instead of a vein. A junior doctor correctly injected a first drug into the patient’s spine and was surprised when he was passed a second syringe and told to inject it by a more senior doctor into the boy’s spine, as he was aware this was not the correct procedure. However, he did not challenge the decision on the assumption the more senior doctor knew what he was doing.

2b. Explain what factors might have affected the junior doctor’s decision to obey instead of challenge. (300 words)

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