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Provincial Offences Discussion Assignment

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Motorized Snow Vehicle Act

  1. What is the maximum speed an MSV can legally travel on a trail? (1)
  • What is the purpose of the MSVA? (1)
  • Define a snow vehicle. (2)
  • Impaired operation of a snow vehicle offences are the same as those found in the___________. (1)
  • .An operator of a snow vehicle on a trail must be a minimum of _____ years of age.(1)

Off Road Vehicles Act

  • What types of vehicles are off-road vehicles within the meaning of the legislation? Name 2 (2)
  • The minimum age to operate an ATV on public land is _________. (1)

Residential Tenancy Act

  • A landlord may enter a tenant’s premises between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. with _____ hours written notice for repairs. (1)
  • Can a  landlord seize a tenant’s property any time if the tenant is in default of rent owing. (1)

Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

  1. What are the penalties for operating an uninsured motor vehicle on a highway?(1)
  1. The specific legal requirements for automobile insurance in Ontario are set out in the__________. (1)

The Blind Persons Rights Act

  1. The Blind Persons Act permits guide dogs to enter premises even where dogs are __________. (1)
  1. The use of a white __________ in a public place by any person who is not legally blind is prohibited under the Blind Person Rights Act. (1)
  1. The CFSA sets out a number of circumstances in which a child may be “a child in need of protection.” What are 3 of these circumstances? (3)
  1. Certain professionals who witness or become aware of a child in need of protection have certain duties imposed on them by their knowledge. Give examples of three of these professionals and describe the duties imposed on them. (2)
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