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Project Management Assignment

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Project Management Assignment


  1. You are part of the business Development team of
    1. Group 1 to 5 Lifelabs
    2. Group 6 and beyond Dynacare
  2. Your team has been asked to develop a project document that will be submitted to the CEO . The project is to expand operations into Ghana and establish a laboratory with Canadian Standards .
  3. 1 Establish a clear project objective. 4.2 Prepare a project scope document. 4.3 Develop a project quality plan. 4.4 Develop a work breakdown structure. 4.5 Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix. 4.6 Define specific activities. 4.7 Create a network diagram.


  1. Develop a project schedule. 5.1 Estimate the resources required for activities. 5.2 Estimate the duration for an activity. 5.3 Determine the earliest start and finish times for activities. 5.4 Determine the latest start and finish times. 5.5 Explain and determine total slack. 5.6 Identify and explain the critical path. 5.7 Discuss the project control process.
  2. 1 Estimate the cost of activities. 7.2 Aggregate the total budgeted cost. 7.3 Develop a time-phased baseline budget. 7.4 Calculate and analyze key project performance measures. 7.7 Discuss and apply approaches to control the project budget process. 7.8 Explain the importance of managing cash flow. 7.9 Use crashing techniques to reduce project duration and control costs.

  1. 2 Identify and categorize risks. 8.3 Assess and prioritize risks. 8.4 Prepare a risk response plan. 8.5 Develop a risk assessment matrix. Project Management Assignment
  2. 1 Identify actions that should be taken during the process of closing a project. 9.2 Conduct a post-project evaluation. 9.3 Discuss the value and use of lessons learned. 9.4 Explain the importance of organizing and archiving project documents. 9.5 Obtain customer feedback about the project. 9.6 Describe situations that could result in early project termination.
  3. 1 Produce GANTT charts and Critical Path [CP] reports 10.2 Prepare reports on costs, tasks and schedule of resource requirements, and their monitoring to meet the project’s objectives. 10.3 Demonstrate the implementation and monitoring of the project using the GANTT charts. 10.4 Use appropriate software to collaborate on and create standard project documents (for example Microsoft Project).APA FORMAT
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