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Project Associated Risks Discussion Assignment

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Project Associated Risks Discussion Assignment


Question 1: Identify the risks associated with this project and propose response plans

There are several risks which are associated with this project which is elaborated below. The first risk which relates to this project is tight budget in the university. Finding a better service with less cost becomes challenge for OIT to come across. To replace remedies it is important and good for OIT to choose request tracker. This request tracker may be due to bad experience with third-party companies which needs to be considered carefully when choosing software.  This is because Request Tracker is open source software which has been discovered to help OIT to spend less cash and some departments have shown how this software is trustable since they have already started TR.

There is a risk of communication in this shifting procedure. The reason behind this risk is due to inadequacy of regular meeting in different departments.  In these departments there is also lack of regulation for reporting orders whereby it has been portrayed by Ron when he reports to Baken and Harry and his team report to another person whereby in turn it results to misunderstanding and disorder. The best method to solve this problem and enhance communication it is advisable to reconstruct the company’s structure or establish a clear and effective communication plan.

Another form of risk is the risk of implementing knowledge. This risk occurs due to the fact that the group is not permanent established and also their members come from different departments. A good example is Ron and Harry since they occupy the same level in the management team; it brings a lot of difficulties to understanding the order of implementing the actions. To overcome this challenge, it is advisable to create a management plan for making it easy for each department to understanding their significance.

Question 2: what are the key success factors of this project?

There are several key successful factors of this project which are discussed below which include:

Timing is one of the key successful factors of this project. This is because the entire department has already practiced this inefficient system before and so each department is willing to change undesirable situation for a better system. This means all the departments have a common idea and agenda and so there are no obstacles which can hinder the change since they know the change brings profits.

Another key successful factor is information-gathering process. Since this group has already indicated the problems of undesirable situations, the next step is to contemplate all the necessities and come up with the best solution. This step becomes important since the impact of this step since its actions deter mines the worthiness of this project. It also looks a bit more reliable when options from different departments are listened to. Like some departments have already used the RT which has portrayed itself as good for use and so they will provide this software to the group helping to save time used to search for other software and also cutting the cost down.

The third successful factor is communication method. The departments do not have a formal communication method through the change process such as regular meetings and so the employees do not require any spare time to work on this project. This is because all the changes and command by passed to employees through emails and RT to different departments and responded by “reply tick” saving a lot of time and increasing the effectiveness and enabling each step of the project to operate smoothly and also flexible. Project Associated Risks Discussion Assignment

Question 3: propose management methodology that is appropriate for a project of this nature.

Supple project management seems to be the best and suitable methodology for a project of this nature. This is because the project is a cross-departmental project and so there will be a lot of obstacles to inform project alterations and position and implement different directives for all the departments. The supple project management has several advantages enabling this project to be completed efficiently. The supple management has a big difference when it is compared to the traditional management in that it can provide suppler, yield, transparency, and superior quality products; minimize risk of missed achievements, greater involvement and satisfaction of stakeholders which are all needs of this project.

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