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Programming Algorithms Discussion Assignment

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Respond to the discussion about algorithms and their roles below using 150 words or more.

An algorithm is the set of instructions a computer uses to complete a  task or solve a problem. These instructions are developed to be a  precise list of instructions that are a step-by-step guide to accomplish  a task or series of tasks.

We are surrounded by algorithms everywhere we go. They manipulate,  process data, and perform calculations. Algorithms used in programming  require an input either from a user or related task. The programmer’s  goal is to design instructions a computer uses to complete a series of  steps based on certain circumstances and follows the steps like a flow  chart. After each step is completed in the specified order, an output is  generated. If the programmer is successful in developing the algorithm,  the automated function is completed without a hiccup. If the process is  not completed correctly, an error or faulty output will be generated.

Search and sorting algorithms are essential processes used in  computers. The main search may be used to look for an integer, string,  or other info in an array or database.  

Sorting algorithms sort the items in a given list per the  instructions the developer decides to use. They work by comparing two  elements and rearrange them or keep them in order as necessary.  Insertion sort compares the second element to the first and makes the  necessary changes. 

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