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Program Evaluation Model Discussion

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Instructions: this is an assignment for week 6

Week 6: Program Evaluation: What, Why, and How

Most agencies prepare an annual report that includes the number of services or units of service provided, the number of individuals served, and information about demographics of the population served. This is generally accompanied by a budget summary, which includes sources and amounts of income and categories of expenses. In the past, that might have been adequate information to satisfy the public and funders, but today, stakeholders are demanding greater accountability for measurable results.

Program evaluations can provide insights into questions that such reports leave unanswered. As a social worker, you may be asked to play a role in a program evaluation. You should understand the nature and purpose of program evaluations and how they contribute to better social work practice. Then, you can reap the full benefit of such evaluations and adequately address the concerns of stakeholders.

This week, you analyze the benefits of two types of program evaluations, process, and outcome evaluations. You also analyze stakeholder concerns about evaluation. Finally, you recommend a program evaluation model and plan a program evaluation.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze program evaluation models
  • Analyze stakeholder concerns about program evaluation
  • Create a program evaluation plan

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