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Professional Selling MR3063– G1 Assignment

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Please refer to the instructions provided along with the assignment requires to be followed completely. There will be no marks/points awarded for the Assignment submitted after the date of deadline specifically mentioned. Please refer to the following before attempting: The purpose of this Assignment is to have students develop their basic knowledge and concepts related to the course, Professional Selling. The Assignment questions should be answered in student’s own words using the course theories, concepts, and applications.

The Assignment calls for additional research primarily secondary research. Make sure to cite all references appropriately. Refrain from copying or sharing answers as the same will be considered “plagiarism” and students will not be awarded any marks.

Q1: Discuss ways to make sales presentation more powerful and effective. (Marks-15)

Q2: Discuss (with examples): a) selling tools that add value to your sales demonstrations. b) Sources of Prospects and Accounts (Marks-20)

Q3: What is customer benefit plan, discuss in detail (with examples). (Marks-15) Q4: Describe criteria for qualifying prospects and accounts. (Marks-15)

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