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Professional Practice Reflection Assignment

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Detailed instructions

This is a reflective paper that builds on the case scenario that you engaged in assessment 1 as well as your learning in the subject more broadly. While in assessment 1 you delivered a business case that responded to an organizational challenge, you now need to reflect more deeply and critically on the potential implementation issues around your chosen change initiative and how you will make it sustainable. Following on from that, you will reflect on your own knowledge gaps and key insights in relation to change and consider how this will apply to your current and/or future professional practice. Throughout the paper, you are asked to integrate academic theory and research with your personal insights and use reflective language and here you can find some advice on Reflective WritingLinks to an external site.). For a recommended structure, please consider table 1.

Table 1. Structure Reflective Paper


  • Provide an overview of the key purpose(s) and ideas of the paper. One paragraph is enough, do not yet go into too much detail here.

 Part A: Reflection on implementation and sustainability issues related to chosen change initiative. (~700 words)

  • Reflecting on your chosen change initiative, what barriers might you need to overcome and what potential stakeholder concerns may need to be considered? (to save space for your critical reflections, you may wish to provide supplementary tables or figures in the appendix)
  • How would you engage relevant stakeholders to navigate their potential concerns and other barriers to change?

  Part B: Personal change philosophy(~700 words)

  • How has your view on managing organisational change evolved and how will these insights inform your current or future professional practice?
  • Provide one or two examples of learning insights from the subject that have changed your view on organisational change and explain how they have done so
  • Identify remaining knowledge gaps that you may have and explain why you may wish to address them going forward


  • Provide a synopsis of the key principles and/or values that will inform your future practice around managing change.


Appendix (Supplementary material, e.g. stakeholder analysis) 

Length: 1500 words  (-+10%; executive summary, tables, figures, references and appendix are NOT included in the word count)

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Reflexivity (35%) – ability to engage reflexively with case scenario and subject materials including evidence of insights/learning outcomes
  2. Critical analysis (35%) – including consideration of different stakeholder needs and perspectives and justification of formulated strategies
  3. Communication appropriate to purpose and audience (30%)
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