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Production Management Assignment

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Essay Questions (14 questions)

 o 1.-) What is a production system? Please explain and define types?

 o 2.-) What is the reason for an inventory control system? Illustrate with some models?

o 3.-) What types of Material Handling equipment can be found in a plant and warehouse? Explain

o 4.-) What is production management? Please define in detail

o 5.-) Why is Operations management important? What added value it brings to organizations?

o 6.-) Why companies go global for managing their operations?

o 7.-) Please define & list elements in an operation process.

o 8.-) What is a flow chart and how do we use it? Imagine you are in a fast-food restaurant and just place your order, please draw the flow chart.

o 9.-) What are the different steps in the control process? Why are they important? Please explain.

o 10.-) List and explain 3 measurement ratios in operations (formula) what do they measure? and why do we use them?

o 11.-) What is Just In Time (JIT) in manufacturing and production management? Please explain how it works.

o 12.-) What is MRP? please explain and define.

o 13.-) Why standardization?

o 14.-) Differences between Process & Product layout


 • Wordcount: 2500

• The presentation may be structured according to the above referred structure and should include cover page, table of content, introduction, well explained and commented points using critical thinking approach (why, what & how), bibliography and appendix

• Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.

• Font: Arial 12,5 pts.

• Text alignment: Justified.

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