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Production And Marketing Research Study

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You have been employed in the marketing function in a family-owned business which has grown rapidly and recently has hired many new staff. The owners have very limited knowledge of the subject of marketing, and you have been asked to prepare a report to explain how important it is that all staff understand their role in delivering the organisation’s promise to customers.

In a concise report of 3000 (three thousand) words you are asked to:-

a). clearly contrast the concepts of production and marketing orientations by stating their similarities and differences.

b). evaluate the types of customers that the organisation serves (individual customers and organisations as customers) – focussing on aspects of customer behaviour, including factors that influence their decision-making.

c). demonstrate that all organisations have some intangible (service) aspects to their offering, briefly referring to the other characteristics of services which present challenges to delivery of the organisation’s promise to customers.

d). explain the role of staff in delivering the organisation’s offering, basing your recommendations on the elements of the ServQual model.

Complete the above task in an essay of word length 3000 (THREE THOUSAND) words

FOUR sections of roughly equal length.

Make effective use of diagrams, tables and appendices. These are excluded from the word count.

Ensure the work you submit is your own effort, and acknowledges sources you have used, formatted as BBS regulations. As a minimum use 10 sources (combining academic & industry)

Your submission will be checked in TurnItIn to ensure compliance with BBS plagiarism rules.

This assignment constitutes 100% the of module mark.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE – 30 April 2020 at the latest.

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