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Procurement and Contract Management in Projects

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Discuss some challenges you have personally encountered in your current or most
recent project on account of the purchasing structure, and procurement and contract
management processes within your organization.

Information my organization: Centralized procurement department. We need to submit the costing and budge for buying items like LG Display signate TV. Samsung Signate TV. Dell PC, AAEORN Industry PC, Kiosk housing, EPSON Printer, Scanner.

Also subcontract with Local software company or oversea software company to support the system like Queue system, Airport flight information systems. Payment Kiosk
Word count: 250 words

What are your expected takeaways from this course that you believe will help address
some of the challenges faced in carrying out procurement and contract management
activities in your organization?
Word count: 300 words

The practice perspectives in understanding the (i) market where you procure your products or services, and (ii) procurement requirements,
both of which form the basis for your procurement and contracting strategy. The following
questions are to be answered as part of this assignment task:

Conceive a procurement scenario in your organization bearing in mind that all
upcoming assignment tasks will be based on this scenario. For this scenario, provide a
description of the procurement need as well as the scope of the market the procurement
would help serve. Then, conduct a STEEP analysis of your market to identify the various
sociological, technological, economic, environmental and political forces that could
influence your procurement and contracting strategy. List at least five such forces in each
category, and include a brief analysis of how each one of these forces could impact your
procurement and contracting strategy. Use and cite at least 2 references.
Word count: 1100 words

(ii) For the same procurement scenario, describe the tools and techniques you will utilize
to successfully navigate each of the five key milestones in the requirements definition
process namely, (i) know your stakeholders, (ii) know your business objectives, (iii)
understand the specification, (iv) agree the acceptance criteria and (v) put in place a
robust change management process. Defend your choice of tools and techniques from the
point of view of how they contribute towards improving the quality of requirements which
is critical for successful contract performance. Use and cite at least 2 references.
Word count: 1100 words

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