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Principles Of Marketing Assignment

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To prepare for b) have a look at the previous case study. You will see that it is broad in scope, allowing for a wide range of answers. You should also read the exemplar that has been provided: this is broken into two sections; comments from markers and a real answer from a student. Reading the exemplar will show you what we might be expecting from you.  

The case study that you will write about is for the USA tourism industry. It involves a “point and know” app that allows a subscriber to point their smartphone at a variety of landmarks in New York and learn about musical connections as well as finding out about music gigs that they might want to attend.

Around 60m people visit New York each year; they are a mix of US nationals and foreign visitors. You should identify your target market within this group and tailor your app accordingly. You should NOT target everyone! You should discuss other features of your app but do not be too distracted by this. You will need to brand the app. You don’t need to worry about development costs. You can choose to charge for the app or to make money from advertisements on the app and make it free to users. Obviously marcomms will play an important part in your plans; you have not been given a budget for marcomms, but you should make recommendations that are realistic. 

This is a marketing mix case study.   Extra marks are available for the application of marketing theories when addressing this case study.

You are required to provide a Gantt chart and should be familiar with these before the exam. There is guidance in Assessment & Feedback to help you. You should also be familiar with the marking grid in the Assessment Brief.

Some general hints and tips:

There is no word count.

You are not expected to answer the case study as a continuous essay. Make it as easy as you can for the marker to understand the points that you are making: you should use headings, bullet points, diagrams and lots and lots of white space.

Write out your plan to answer the case study first. You can then use the multiple choice questions to help you think about different topics in the case study that you might want to cover. 

Always start a plan with a clearly defined target market, and justify your plans to this market.

You are not expected to use Harvard referencing in a closed book exam situation. However, good answers will generally indicate knowledge of authorship where theory is used.

Strong answers always include lots of applied supporting theory.

Answer your multiple choice questions by writing them on your submission document (please IGNORE the instruction to write them into the answer booklet, this is for standard exams).

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