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Principles of Fire Assignment

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Principles of Fire Assignment


Provide an example of a time when you made an error or had poor situational awareness. What were the circumstances, and what would you recommend to others so a similar situation could be avoided?

After posting your initial post, respond to a classmate’s post with more than a simple statement of agreement or disagreement. Add additional insight that could help others avoid a near-miss.


If I had to pick one time I had poor situational awareness, I would have to pick June 18th 2018. I was the yard foreman for a company that produced wood chips and wood chunks for the grilling industry. I had shut our wood chipper down for maintenance. Once i was informed the maintwnance was complete I did a check of the machine to ensure the blades were put back properly and the drum was still properly aligned. I was only half heartedly paying attention as i had done this many times before. I looked away for a brief second. One of the blades was improperly secured, fell out amd hit me in my wrist. The resulting injury reaulted in me missing nearly six months of work. I originally had 43 stitches in my hand. After surgery it was closer to 80 stitches. Being situationally aware could have prevented the injury. I had my hand in the wrong place and was mot paying attention to what I was doing. Situational awareness is paramount in everything thay we do. It can not only help to prevent i jury, but can also alert us to smaller items we would normally overlook.


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