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Prenatal and Pregnancy Assignment

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Prenatal and Pregnancy Assignment

Case Study Report Instructions:

In a Word document, you are asked to discuss the following points in a thoughtful, accurate, and supported manner using key pieces of information from the literature:

  • Compare a “typical” diet (using the pre-set AMDRs found within the Harris-Benedict Calculator) with the diet that would be required for your special population of people;
  • Highlight 3 key adjustments (think nutrients, vitamins, minerals) to your special population diet that would be required to maintain optimal health;
  • Suggest replacement food options for your population, ensuring that you include a description of why these replacements will be beneficial;
  • Describe the health (or other) consequences of not adjusting the diet for your special population properly.

Clinical Information Systems

Prenatal and Pregnancy Assignment

All references must be properly cited using APA formatting, inclusive of in-text citations and a full reference list at the end of the document.  You must provide a minimum of 2 valid references to support your thoughts.

A clear, APA-formatted title page should accompany your document as well.

Your report (not including your reference list or title page) should be between 750 and 1000 words.  This will require clear, concise descriptions of your thoughts on the above points.





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