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Potential Challenges Intervention Assignment

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POST A BLOG 300 to 500 words questions in bold then answers cite everything and full references

· An explanation of potential challenges for intervention during your field education experience

1) Potential challenge I have had is getting clients to follow through with the recommendations even though we work on it together something’s I cannot do for them

2) Also if a client has not come to get help on their own meaning it is a court order it can be hard to connect with them.

3) Plus some of the client’s that suffer from mental illness it can be very hard to get in contact with them especially if they are alone. Sometimes I can get them to answer the phone or the door even if we had an appointment. 

· An explanation of personal action plans you might take to address intervention in your field education experience

This is a master of social work internship is at Sound options this is a for profit organization most clients pay out of their pockets or from a trust. However we do have some contracts with. 

They specialize in Care management, counseling, and homecare. They provide services for geriatric clients, chronically ill clients of all ages, and clients suffering from mental illness.

DSHS: is counseling only

VA: is mostly homecare 

Puyallup Tribe: has access to any of the resources

Long term Care policies: home care only

MSS (multiple sclerosis society): access to all resources

Archdiocese: access to all resources  


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Chapter 7, “Social Work Practice in the Field: Working with Groups” (pp. 156-185)

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