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Portfolio Business Currents Events

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Portfolio – Business Currents Events

Locate a business current event, article, online video (Youtube, TED talk…), documentary, movie… and complete the following activities.

Try to find a topic that interests you or that addresses a field of study or industry that you may pursue a career in.

Answer each of the following questions:

  1. a) Provide a link to an article/video/podcast. 

Link to your article here

b)  Identify the major idea/topic/argument of discussion presented in the article.

c)  Identify the supporting evidence/statistics/sources that are used in the article? Are they persuasive? Explain.

d)  Identify the specific conclusion(s), opinions, suggestions, predictions, calls to action… that are made in the article?

e) Identify and briefly explain something that you found interesting or something new that you feel other students in the class should know about.

f) Locate at least two (2) topics in the course text that are related to your article. Explain the concept from the text and identify how what you have learned from your article is connected.



Application of demand and supply

  1. Identify specific possible social, ethical or spiritual (What would Jesus say?)  implications that your article addresses/implies that a typical  student may find interesting/care about (why should you care? Explain).

Canadian Resources

Globe & Mail

Financial Post

Advisor Business News

StatsCanada Economics

Global Economic News

Huffington Post Canada

National Post


Toronto Real Estate Monthly

US and Global Resources

Trading Economics (stats)


Economic Forecasts & Stats

CNN Business/Economics

BNN Bloomberg Economics

Reuters Economics

NPR Economics

Wall Street Journal

New York Times

Marketwatch news

NBC Business News

CNBC Economics

BBC Economics

The Guardian Economics

Financial Times

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