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Plague Of Biases Affecting Economic Fields

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Instructions; the following is a study of one pf plagues affecting economic field

Description of the work

Different studies done have shown that there is a plague of biases affecting the economic fields. Women are differently treated when they do their financial presentation. Ben Casselman, the author of this article- For Women in Economics, the Hostility Is Out in the Open- has been writing about economic and business topics for The New York Times. He has been majorly focusing his writings on stories that involve data. Previously, Ben Cassel man had served as a chief economics writer on the FiveThirtyEight website (Ben Casselman, 2021).

In this article, the author talks about how women are being harassed during economic presentation seminars by being asked hostile and or patronizing questions. The article’s conclusions have been made based on various researches that have confirmed that in economics, women are being underrated and harassed. At the same time, their male counterparts are allowed to have smooth economic presentations in seminars. 

Statement of the Author’s goal

The author of the article is trying to show how there has been biasness in the economic industry. He states that it is less likely for women to get invited to de economic presentations. Most of those invited decline the invitation because they are afraid of being harassed and humiliated in the seminar. One out of three women who are bold enough to attend the economic seminar presentations faces hostile and patronizing questions during their presentations. He shows how women are under-represented in the economic profession (Ben Casselman, 2021). 

In the article, the author also tries to show the struggles that women go through to become successful economists. He states that when compared to me, women are less likely to be hired and promoted. Also, they face more immense barriers in getting their work published in economic journals. Additionally, the author’s goal is to demonstrate why the economic field has not been performing its best. He states that by discouraging women and people from other races, such as black Americans, Asian Latinos, some economic ideas go unnoticed and unknown since the people with those ideas are underrated or are not given a chance to share them.

My verdict

The author achieved his goal of bringing to attention the discrimination plaque that is ailing the economic field. Therefore, I think that the author has adequately attained his goals. For instance, he has used different researches which have provided information that has backed up his pursuit. Secondly, he has also used existing examples to demonstrate gender biases in the economic field (Alicia Sasser Modestino, 2021). In an attempt to prove his findings, he has indicated that women who attend economic seminar presentations receive 12 percent more questions than their male counterparts (Ben Casselman, 2021). According to his research, out of five women, only one would have a smooth presentation without being bombarded with hostile and humiliating questions. 

My opinion on the article

The article has provided insightful and educative information. I liked it because it brings to light that which goes on behind the curtains. It shows that despite being in the 21st century, there are still issues of biases and gender inequality happening in some fields, such as the economic field.


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