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Physical Security Discussion Assignment

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APA paper describing security needs and analyzing how you would meet those security needs for a type of organization. You will assume that an organization is renovating and/or redesigning the space for this organization, and it is your job to choose and implement the security measures.

I have chosen four types of organizations. You choose one type. I have included an example of the size and location of the physical building, the number of employees, and assets on hand, but you will also need to fill in detail about features, other staff, or other materials present.

· Small community bank branch—a stand-alone building, one floor, about 2,500 sq. ft., located in a residential neighborhood. The bank is on a corner lot, so it is bordered by a major street, a quiet street, a parking lot, and other businesses. The bank employs 8 full-time employees, including a branch manager, customer service specialists (financial planning, loans), and tellers. The bank lobby for the public has teller windows, while the interior has cash drawers for the tellers and small offices with computers and other office equipment. The bank holds around $40,000 in currency and other valuables. The bank also has a drive-up teller window and a drive-up ATM on the south side of the building. 

· Small private college—a cluster of three buildings and a large parking lot located at the edge of town. The neighbors for campus include a residential area, a few stores, and agricultural fields. Each building has 3 floors, about 5,000-7,000 sq. ft. in size, and they have 2-3 public entrances each, in addition to at least one private entrance. They include stairways, public restrooms, elevators, classrooms, and private offices. One of the buildings houses extensive computer systems/network (imagine the latest technology). This building also houses a small library and study rooms with laptop check-out services. This very small college specializes in accounting, business, computer applications, and networking degrees. The college enrolls about 300-400 students per semester and employs 25 full-time faculty. There are also a few administrators and dozens of staff. 

· Jewelry Store—an attached building, 1100 sq. ft., where both sides of the building share walls with neighboring stores. The building is one story with access to a flat roof. The interior of the store includes a public showroom with cases for showing the inventory, a touch monitor for customers to browse special-order merchandise, a cash register, and a desk and seating area for advising customers on credit processing. The back has offices, storage areas, and a door to the back alley. At any time, the store might carry $20,000 dollars’ worth of inventory and $500-$1,000 cash. The back-office space includes jewelry servicing tools.

· Factory manufacturing computer chips—this is the hardest building for someone to describe who lacks expertise in the manufacturing process, but it would probably be very large, needing separate areas for manufacturing, research and development, product quality testing, and offices for management, finances, human resources, and payroll. Imagine hundreds of employees, a large variety of equipment and computer systems, and outside, either no neighbors or far-away neighbors, but there is an on-ramp for a major highway close by. The building would need one or more parking lots or parking garage and design your own fencing and gate systems.

Part 1: 30 pts.

· Explain what a vulnerability assessment is. 

· Identify which organization you chose and conduct a vulnerability assessment for this organization. 

o In the assessment, identify what is valuable and why it is valuable. 

§ The valuable items might be objects, information, people, etc. 

o Consider these valuable items as the targets. Identify what threat agents pose a threat to each target. 

§ Include internal threats (employees, students) 

§ and external threats (people from the outside like customers, students, and vendors, as well as con artists, burglars, violent offenders, etc.)

· Conduct an assessment of the neighborhood/surrounding area. Consider the public’s perception and interaction with this organization’s space. Apply the principles of CPTED physical security.

Part 2: 50 pts.

Describe and design the security exterior and interior needs and access system. Follow the order of the list below—use paragraphs and not a bulleted list. You must explain in detail your choices of materials, technology, and security personnel employed (as appropriate). You must also justify all your choices, explaining how they are the best choice to effectively guard against the anticipated threats. Make sure the cost of the security system doesn’t outstrip the value of the assets.

Include your choices and justifications for each area below. Each choice must be specific to the organization you chose. Each area includes examples of how needs might be different depending on the organization. Some of these choices will need more detailed choices and explanations than others depending on your choice of the organization but include detailed explanations as often as possible.

– Basic color design of exterior and interior, landscaping (be brief and specific to CPTED)

– Fencing (most appropriate for manufacturing plant and may not be possible for jewelry store)

– Glass—limit to the exterior windows and doors (different glass might be needed for a bank vs. a college, for example; include locks and other window security as needed)

– Doors—external to enter building and within building, like offices or sections (strength needs; locks)

– Access Control Systems—like identification badges, what type of badge, how it secures access, why used; also describe levels of secure areas; biometrics if applicable, where would this be used and for what levels of security (pay extra attention to this area with a choice of the factory)

– Alarm Systems—sensors, include type and location; video or other surveillance and recording; how alarm systems are monitored (pay extra attention to this area with a choice of a jewelry store or bank; for college, different campus buildings/areas of buildings might need different levels of security)

– Security Lighting (what needs to be visible at night?)


 Typed paper, at least 1000 words, APA style with cover page.

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