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Philosophy Discussion Response Assignment

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Kindly read and respond to the two discussions below, respond with 100 words or more each 


My view point and purpose of doing philosophy is get see understanding  from more than one perspective. It like learning new way and using what  you have learn to get a better view. Example would be two words that  means the same thing but one is just more than the other one like light  and illuminate both means light. However illuminate seems to be worth  more. In the Value of Philosophy I like the point where we must free our  mind from the prejudices of what wrongly called “practical man” pg. 1.   What I receive is do not believe only on what you see and hear. Decide  for yourself what is wrong. Stand for yourself; do not just roll with  the normal because the million dollar question is it wrong; or are you  just close minded. In “The Apology of Socrates” …. they do not know  and cannnot tell pg. 3. He saying why down play who he is to please  people that are not willing to learn. They are willing to set fear in  others but will not bend to see or compromise understanding an  individual. Be able to be different; do not down play who you are  because the people are not willing to change maybe you can change they  way they think, or be history that made an impact.  


After reading the text, I’ve come to a conclusion that the purpose of  philosophy is education and is meant to be studied not for seeking  philosophic answers since no definite answers can be deemed true but  rather for these questions to allow us to see what possibilities could  come to mind. Everyone’s a philosopher because we all experience new  things and that’s when philosophy begins. Our mind begin to go up in  gears and start thinking of what endless possibilities there are and the  endless consequences there could be if one’s action is taken into  account. It is the pursuit of knowledge that makes us hungry for more  and each additional experience contributes to our conceptions. The  feedback of all of those experiences is philosophy and the way the truth  is perceived by us. It comes to a full circle around in a loop where  experiences first happen, then our conceptions, and lastly the feedback.  Then the loop all begins again but this time it will be added to our  conceptions from previous experiences. As more knowledge of philosophy  is gained, our wisdom will increase. Since possibilities are endless  with our experiences, then the capacity of wisdom will be infinite.  

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