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philosophical thinking of Socrates essay

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Topic: Socrates argues that philosophy is preparation for death.

Thesis: Socrates is correct that good philosophical thinking prepares us not to be afraid of death.

Description: Argumentative Essay

Length: 1-2 pages, single-spaced, approximately 650 words

Font: TimesNewRoman

Topics:  Each week you will choose the most interesting philosophical idea from the reading/authors we have covered the week.  You will take the idea and formulate a thesis statement and will argue for your thesis.  Be sure to give positive reasons supporting your thesis. Also, be sure to think about any opposing reasons.

When using the reading materials as supporting evidence, be sure to cite the text in the body of your   If you should be using any other source, please be certain to document those as well

NB. Do not ever cite youtube videos (or anything else that is not a scholarly source… websites are not scholarly sources)

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