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Personal Work Ethics Belief Report

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A dedicated professional with over twenty years of Military Service and Department of Defense Contractor experience. Possess the leadership skill set which afford the ability to train, motivate, and encourage any team, group or organization towards success and obtaining job excellence. Able to communicate at all organizational levels as well as rounded interpersonal skill set.  Highly self-motivated, well organized and detail orientated while multi-tasking many projects.

Skills & Abilities

Detail Oriented                                   Organizational Skills                           Hazardous Material

Facilities & Personnel Management   Operation Monitoring                         Customer Service

Project and Operations Oversight       Quality Control Analysis                    Security Operations

Microsoft Suite


Winter Shelter Monitor (Civilian)

Effectively communicate and ensure individuals understand rules, rights, and responsibilities upon entry into the shelter program. Provide clients with shelter orientation when needed

Demonstrate principles of positive interaction and de-escalation of negative behaviors as outlined in mandatory training.

Provide counseling to clients — emotional support, empathy, problem-solving, information and referral, mediation, crisis intervention, and advocacy.

Articulate and enforce program rules and procedures clearly and consistently with all clients.

Prepare client chore list and monitor that all chores are completed. Oversee daily safety/cleanliness inspections; take appropriate action with clients when standards are not met.

Afghanistan (Gov’t Contractor)                                               

Technical Control Facility (TCF) Technician

Communicate with subscribers, contractors, lateral agencies, and higher headquarters to schedule down-time and quality assurance tests, Configures circuits, systems, and networks based on standards, traffic patterns, and results of quality assurance tests.

Monitored status and performance of transmission and switching systems, local and wide area networks, and subscriber equipment.

Provided coordination, restoral, and reporting functions necessary for effective maintenance of transmission paths and facilities.

Operated processor assisted diagnostic and control equipment and software to perform network, technical, and configuration control, surveillance, and security.

Ensured Master Station Logs (MSL) are properly completed and maintained.

United States Military | Worldwide                                                                

 Telecommunication Maintenance Technician

Responsible for managing the daily operations of a Communication Electronics Maintenance Section (CEMS) to conduct software upgrade to 5,000 Division SINCGARS radios prior and during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

Managed daily data center operations including monitoring, restoration, manage trouble tickets in Service Manager, outage reporting, emergency procedures in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

Analyzed and anticipate customers’ communication needs and determine equipment and human resources needed to meet those needs, continuously seeks to improve business processes and other changes necessary to support program mission and makes adjustments as deemed appropriate. 

Created and delivered productivity plans by reviewing work forecasts, determining productivity requirements, and partnering with other managers to balance labor.

Interpret and disseminate policy and directives, keeping abreast of changes, and providing guidance and assistance to other teammates to insure proper implementation.

Mentored, trained, and developed teammates for career progression, performance improvement, and recognition purposes.


Bachelor of Liberal Arts – Political Science (2017)                                      

GPA: 3.56 / 4.0

Honors and Awards

Dean’s List                                                                College, 2015

                                                                                    College, 2016

Multiple Military Awards throughout military service, and participation in two wars

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