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Personal Expenditure Project Assignment

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Personal Expenditure Project- 160 points


: Beginning…

you will need to make a 

record each time you spend money. Some examples may include: groceries, rent, child care, 

you will need to make a 

record each time you spend money. Some examples may include: groceries, rent, child care, 

books, car repairs, entertainment (movie/concert tickets, lunch/dinner out), gas, doctor’s visit, 

etc. There are endless ways you may spend money throughout the day. The idea is to keep a 

journal each time you spend so you become aware of where you are spending your hard-earned 

money.  The last day to record entries will be 

Saturday, July 3rd

. You will be tracking daily 

spending for 


weeks. Transfer your daily expenditures into an Excel spreadsheet on a regular 


EXCEL (50%)

:  Use a new sheet in the workbook for 


week starting on Sundays and 

ending on Saturdays. (Hint: Your Excel workbook should contain 2 sheets/tabs at the bottom). 

Be sure to include the (1) date, the (2) amount, and for (3) what or where the money was spent. 

In the 

personal finance appendix of your BUSN textbook

, there is a discussion of 

discretionary and nondiscretionary payments. 

Next to 


daily expenditure in your Excel 

workbook, be sure to (4) distinguish whether the payment was discretionary or nondiscretionary.

There are a variety of ways you can organize each sheet as far as rows/columns. Feel free to be 

creative.  Let this project be a discovery process that will benefit you in your personal finances. 

Be sure to include the four items described above.

PAPER (50%)

: You will need to write a paper (2 pages) regarding the observations you made 

about your daily spending habits. Be sure to discuss the following:


Where your money comes from


Where you spent the most of your money


At least 


areas where you can reduce spending AND steps/strategies you can take to 

implement those changes


What type of  traditional investments you have or will work towards establishing and 

why you chose this type of investment(s). 

See your textbook for ideas and different types 




Use the 


format from class (from the first two writing assignments) for your paper. 

This report should be about 

2 pages

. Use proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, 

etc. The report portion of your grade will be based on the preceding items, format and content. 

Please use a 12pt font. Feel free to use your textbook for examples/ideas (p. 328-340), but 

do not


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