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Person Situation Debate Psychology Assignment

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Person Situation Debate Psychology Assignment



As we have learned, many prominent psychologists and theorists have worked hard to devise ways to define and measure components of personality and personality traits under the premise that personality is stable and can be predictable. But what happens when people behave in an unpredictable manner? How do we predict the unpredictable? In Module Three, as part of the trait-based approach to personality, you were introduced to the idea that personality states are temporary, dynamic, and can be induced by external stimuli, including drugs or environmental stressors. The variability of personality states has brought about what psychologists term the person-situation debate. You will investigate this controversy in more detail in this assignment.


After reading the Shapiro Library articles, Psychologist Stanley Milgram Begins Obedience-to-Authority ExperimentsStanford Prison Experiment, and Moving Personality Beyond the Person-Situation Debate, use the Module Five Activity Template to answer the following questions in about 2 to 5 sentences each.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Analyzing Psychological Experiments
    • Describe the major takeaways from the Milgram
    • Describe the major takeaways from the Stanford prison
    • Describe the ethical implicationsof these experiments.
  • Implications of the Person-Situation Debate
    • Describe examples of behaviors that highlight trait-based stabilityin the workplace or school.
    • Describe examples of behaviors that highlight personality statesin the workplace or school.
    • Explain how your perspectives on your interactions with othersmight be impacted by the person-situation debate.
    • In Module Three, you were asked the extent to which you thought personality could change over time. Explain whether your response to that question has changed or stayed the sameas a result of studying the person-situation debate.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your completed Module Five Activity Template. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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