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Peripheral Venous Catheter Assignment

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Peripheral Venous Catheter Assignment

Clinically indicated replacement of peripheral venous catheter versus routine re-siting increase the risk of infection in patients

Target population – Adult hospitalised patients

Description: Using the topic that was chosen in the first assessment task (literature review), students will need to create a proposed research project and complete all the sections of the research proposal as outlined below. The Research Proposal should include the following sections/ information:

  1. Introduction or Background:1-2 paragraphs that gives a brief description of the context of the study, what is the study about and why?
  2. Aim or Purpose:2-3 succinct sentences that describes what you would like to change or modify or introduce into your health or healthcare related practice? State your aims and research question/s.
  3. Project Rationale:1-2 paragraphs that explains why you chose this topic and how it is of interest to your field of work. Why is it important?   (400 words)
  4. Literature review:2-3 paragraphs that gives a brief summary of the literature (from assessment task 1). Include key references that you anticipate will inform your project. Don’t forget to critically evaluate this work.
  5. Methodology:3-5 paragraphs that provides information about data and artifacts that you propose to use in the research study. Sections could include the following: Peripheral Venous Catheter Assignment
    • What is your population? Who are the participants? What is the context and/or location of the study? 
    • Briefly describe the approach to data collection that you intend to use.
    • Identify the artifacts or evidence you propose to collect to support your project aims.
    • What tools or instruments will you need to develop? (you do not need to develop these just describe them).
    • How will you analyse the data?  (1000 words) minimum 7 references, APA 7 edition, not more than 7 years old, peer reviewed
  1. Ethical Considerations:Identify ethical issues that you will need to consider in the conduction of your research project.


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