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Peer Growth Strategy Discussion

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Address the following:

  • Compare any feedback discussed, considering especially if the comment seems to ring true for your own experience as well.
  • Discuss the growth strategy that your peer identified and how it compares to your own.

should be about 100 words. 


 When it comes to listening to and really understanding the feedback I receive I struggle with it. Sometimes I can get feedback from others and take what they said in the wrong way and at other times take it the way the person meant. Receiving feedback always sparks an emotional reaction in me and depending on how I receive it can bring a halt to communications with others. However, I did notice that I tend to overreact to a lot of things that I shouldn’t really have overreacted to.  

Some steps I can take to get better at receiving feedback are to know my tendencies so that I know how to respond. I can disentangle the “what” from the “who” so that my learning is not short-circuited and I can learn how to consider both. I also can lend more towards coaching so that I can see where I stand, what to expect, and what is expected of me so that I can learn and improve the way I receive feedback. Lastly, I can unpack the feedback that I receive so that I can make sure that the feedback is clear for me to understand before I accept or reject it. 

I have received all different types of feedback so far in the course and have found them all helpful to me in a way. Some have been opinionated, good, and bad to me in a way. Most of the feedback I have received has turned out to be very shocking to me because sometimes I feel as if I underestimate myself when it comes to my skills and abilities. What seems to be the most underlying concern for me is my grammar errors and formatting my APA Reference citation correctly. 

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