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Pediatric Nursing Case Study Assignment

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Assignment 1: Case study


  1. Review the pediatric assessment, fluid and electrolytes and the child’s
    experience of hospitalization in your course text:
    Leifer, G. (2019). Introduction to maternity and pediatric nursing. St. Louis,
    MO: Elsevier.
  2. Read the following case study and reply to the proceeding questions.
    Please note that while your responses do not need to be in the form of a formal essay, it is expected that all responses contain your rational and are supported by credible sources referenced using APA 6th edition.
  3. Submit your assignment via drop box by 2359hr of the assigned due date

Case Study:
Yasmin is a 12 month old female who was brought to the Emergency Department by
her aunt. Yasmin’s aunt anxiously reports that the child has been having diarrhea
for the past two days and “is not her usual self”. She adds that the child is fussy,
lethargic, not feeding well and when she attempted to give Yasmin acetaminophen

she spit it out. Yasmin’s aunt reports that her parents are out of town, but that she
does have the phone number of the hotel in which they are staying.
Weight: 11 kg
Vital Signs
Heart Rate: 115
Blood pressure: 85/50
Respiratory rate: 30 deep and rapid breathing
Oxygen saturations: 95% on room air
Temperature: 39.0 Degrees Celsius

General Appearance: Appears stated age. Height and weight proportional
Cardiovascular: Sinus tachycardia Respiratory: Clear breath sounds GI: Hypoactive
bowel sounds
Gastrointestinal and Urinary: Has not voided in 8 hours, and is refusing fluids
Integumentary: Warm and dry to touch. Dry lips. Eyes appear sunken. No tears.
Poor skin turgor
Neurological: Awake, but lethargic and irritable. Pupils equal, round and reactive to
light, weak movements present in all four limbs

  1. Identify three communication techniques that could be utilized to support
    and help build a therapeutic relationship with Yasmin and her aunt. (3
  2. Discuss three safety concerns related to Yasmin’s developmental stage
    and hospital admission. (3 marks)
  3. Describe and give rationale explaining what findings in Yasmin’s
    assessment are of concern. (4 marks)
  4. Identify two early and two late signs and symptoms of dehydration in
    pediatric patients. (4 marks)
  5. Differentiate between mild, moderate and severe dehydration in the
    pediatric patient. (3 marks)
  6. Outline four priority nursing actions while caring for Yasmin. (4 marks)
  7. Explain how diarrhea causes electrolyte imbalances and dehydration. (4
  8. Describe 3 common methods of treatment for dehydration and diarrhea
    in young children. (3 marks)
  9. Describe what actions should be taken to administer an antipyretic to
    Yasmin considering she is spitting up the medication. (2 marks)
  10. Identify 3 assessment findings that indicate improvement in the
    dehydrated child. (3 marks)
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