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Partnerships in Health and Illness NSB303

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Working in a Collaborative Partnership

Task description

In this academic essay, you are to select and work with one of 4 case scenarios
that focus on a chronic condition. Using contemporary, quality evidence-based
literature, you will be asked to critically discuss the value of a collaborative
partnership approach to nursing care and explain how motivational and
behavioural change strategies will assist the person to achieve self-management
of their health.


Choose a Chronic Disease/condition from the case studies below (asthma, type 1
diabetes mellites chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease)
• Critically discuss the value of using a collaborative partnership model of care
when working with the person and their family in your chosen scenario. (200

• Discuss the developmental stages of the person, and critically discuss which
determinants of health will need to be considered prior to encouraging a
change in behaviour. (400 words)
• Explain how the process of motivational interviewing would empower the
person (in the scenario) to move towards self-management of their chronic
condition. (400 words)
(Please note: This task requires an introduction (100 words) and a conclusion (100 words): These are recommended
word counts only).


Choose one of the scenario-based case studies below. Work with the chosen case study only
throughout the whole of your paper.

  1. Paediatric: 9-year-old schoolboy, Joshua with chronic asthma (diagnosed at 4 years of age), who has
    become resistant to (not wanting to take) his preventor medications in the past 6 months. As a result, he
    has had regular asthmatic events and acute admissions to hospital. His mother is asking for assistance
    from you as the community RN to help her work with Joshua to bring about a change to his attitude and
    behaviour towards medication adherence and self-management.
  2. Young adult: 21-year-old female professional violinist, Abbey diagnosed with insulin dependent Type
    1 Diabetes Mellitus 9 months ago. Due to her irregular working hours, she is struggling to stabilise her
    Blood Glucose Level. She has also been feeling very low and is already ‘fed up’ with having a chronic
    condition. Abbey is asking for assistance from you as the community RN to help her address both
    problems so that she can independently manage her chronic condition.
  3. Adult: 45-year-old primary school teacher, Sylvia wheelchair bound due to paraplegia as the result of
    a motorcycle accident 5 years ago. She is self-caring and able to continue working as a teacher but is
    experiencing chronic back and shoulder musculo skeletal pain which she cannot manage with her
    current medication regime or exercise program. She is asking for assistance from you as the community
    RN to be able to independently mange her chronic pain.
  4. Older Adult: 85-year-old man, Ron diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 8 years ago. His ability to
    communicate and mobiliZe has become progressively more difficult. His wife is concerned as he is
    becoming more frustrated with her and himself when she cannot understand his requests. She is asking
    for assistance from you as the community RN to help her improve her communication with Ron.

What you need to do
to prepare:

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