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Othello English Test

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Othello Test

Instructions: Type your name and period number in the upper left corner of this document where indicated.  Read the prompts carefully and write your responses in the spaces provided.  Give deep thought to your responses, and give a thorough explanation using a academic writing (formal: no first person, no contractions, etc.).  Your responses must be a minimum of 100 words each.  Each prompt/response is worth 20 points for a total of 100 points (for example, these instructions are 120 words).  When you are finished, save your completed test to your computer and upload it to 

Type your response in the space immediately below each prompt.  Type your responses in black.

1What was the purpose of Iago and Roderigo using racial slurs regarding Othello in Act 1, Scene 1?
What was the purpose of Othello’s self-deprecating remarks about his own race in Act 4?  
Explain the significance of the handkerchief in Act 3?  Relate it to Act 1.  
4Although four deaths occurred in Act 5, how does the death of Roderigo in Act 4 mark the climax of the play?
5Although several themes are evident in Othello, state the relevance for one of these themes and explain why.  Use evidence from the play to support your conclusions.

Rubric for each prompt

20 points: Fully and adequately answers the prompt without major errors in English conventions

15 points: Partially answers the prompt or has major errors in English conventions

10 points: Partially answers the prompt and has major errors in English conventions

5 points: Does not come close to answering the prompt.

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