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Osteological Assessment 2 Assignment

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In this assignment, you will be responsible for assessing the remains that have been provided below. In doing so, your report will consist of a properly APA-formatted title page, a summary of your observations (1.5 pages min/2 pages max), and an APA-formatted reference page. Direct quotations are not permitted – all work submitted must be in your own words. Your interpretation of the remains will be supported (don’t just list points) and you will address the following points:

  • What bones are present in the collection?
  • Identify how many individuals are represented?
  • Estimate the sex of the individual(s) or explain why it is not possible.
  • Discuss how you might determine how long the individual has been deceased and discuss any remarkable features you identify

Your osteological report will make use of content that has been delivered in the course (i.e., assigned readings) and one source that you obtain through your own research. Note: It will not be enough to say, “male or female skull discovered.” You need to explain how and why you have reached this conclusion. The skeletal remains that you are responsible for assessing are pictured below:

1. Human Skull:

2. Bone Fragment (You must identify it):

3. Sternum:

Academic Integrity

Importantly, your work will be reviewed for originality. Plagiarism, copying and or sharing work with other students, falsifying sources, content, or data is an academic offence and will be pursued through the College’s Academic Honesty Policy. You are expected to review Turnitin in addition to your own assurance that your work is original.

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