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Organizational Staffing Process Assignment

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Option #1: Steps in the Organizational Staffing Process

In the organizational staffing process, there are four primary steps that should be addressed.

1. Workforce Planning – HR and management work together to analyze the current workforce and then devise steps/plans to meet the organization’s anticipated needs.

2. Job Analysis and Documentation – A thorough analysis of the job(s) is completed to determine the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). Then, this information is documented and categorized according to job types and job descriptions.

3. Sourcing and Recruiting – Multiple channels are used to identify and recruit talent.

4. Selection and Assessment – Various selection and assessment methods (such as interviewing and assessment tests) are used to narrow down the applicant pool and eventually make the hire.

As a Talent Acquisition Director, you have been asked to devise a staffing plan that will allow the organization to expand into a new global territory.

· Develop a report that you will share with the executive team about the staffing process.

· List each step of the staffing process in detail and discuss recruitment plans for one division of the organization (e.g., marketing, sales, finance).

· Additionally, in your report, discuss implications you may run into while expanding into a new global territory.

Your paper should be 5 -pages in length and conform to the  APA…


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