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Organizational Conflict and Negotiations Assignment

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 Cornwall Incorporated (Cornwall) has recently secured a new contract to supply 5,000 cases of pepper sauce every month to a distributor supplying the British and Canadian Caribbean markets. To undertake this new contract an extension has to be added to the original factory.

 Cornwall has contracted the services of Dunns Construction Services and the contract states that the work will be completed within two (2) months to facilitate the installation of the new machines. Pauline Jones is the project manager and desires that the work team completes the project within the next two months. Doing so will necessitate a great number of extra hours. In the past, all of the individuals involved have expressed dislike for overtime work and have gone to great lengths to avoid it. The contract includes penalties should there be cost over-runs and missed deadlines.

The team consists of twenty- five (25) workers in the following areas; one supervisor, one safety and materials officer, six (6) masons, six (6) carpenters six (7) labourers, two (2) plumbers and  (2) HVAC workers. Pauline has arranged a meeting with the team to discuss the timeline for the project and the need for overtime work.

Case Discussion Questions

1. Which negotiation style would you choose? :                                5 marks

2. Why is that style appropriate?                                                         10 marks

3. What factors and issues can you think of that may indicate

    that a collaborative style would be  effective?                            15 marks                                         

Understanding of the negotiation styles and application to case  10 marks

APA formatting                                                                                        10 marks

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