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Organizational Behaviour Discussion Assignment

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Organizational Behaviour Discussion Assignment


Part 1

To begin the discussion, search online for one example of an organization that exhibited corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a positive way and one example of another organization that demonstrated CSR in a negative way. Provide a synopsis of each example by detailing what each organization did and how the matter ended or was resolved (if it was resolved).

Part 2

Next, provide responses to the following inquires:

  • Which is more difficult to find: a good example of social responsibility or a bad one? Why?
  • For both the good and bad examples you found, which level of responsibility is represented—economic, legal, ethical, or discretionary?
  • For your positive example, what costs do you think the organization had to endure to take the action it did?
  • For the negative example, will the organization ever fully recover from this incident? Explain


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