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Organization Leverage Digital Technologies

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Organization Leverage Digital Technologies


The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated that your organization leverage digital technologies. This adoption of digital technologies at scale has facilitated work from home for employees and improved workflow in the organization. Capitalizing on these gains the CEO sees an opportunity to build for the future and has created a task force that will focus on transforming business processes digitally in the organization. This is a major initiative that will have long lasting implications on the organization. You, in the role of a system analyst, have been selected as a member of the task force.

In preparing for the first meeting of the task force you realize the importance of setting the tone for this key project. A key challenge you foresee is the system development approach your organization should use for this project as there are multiple options that can be used for transforming business processes digitally in the organization.

Note: Answers to this question may be written in the context of the organization you work for or worked for at some point in time. For those students who do not currently work assume the organization is a small and medium sized organization (manufacturing or service or educational).

  1. Specify which type of organization you are using for this assignment and a brief description of this organization. (150 words)


  1. How would you convince task force members (who are non-technical process-oriented business managers) to use Agile rather than traditional system development approaches for the digital transformation? Identify three key arguments with justification for these arguments. (450 words)


Please refer to the assignment grading rubric to understand how I will evaluate your responses.

use APA format, double spacing

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