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Oregon Case Study Review

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Oregon Case Study Review


Critically review the Oregon Case Study included with the assessment task information in the eLearning site. In your Report, please address the following:

  • Are the prioritization processes and listings justified?
  • Give examples of the positive and negative impacts on individuals and groups as well as the HealthCare system when the list would be applied.
  • How would you have approached the listing process including applying requirements for the administration of capped and uncapped budgets, benchmarking and effective practice outcomes?
  • • What would your priority listing have been, justifying your position supported by evidence?
  • Discuss the implications of your analysis of the Oregon Case Study by comparing and contrasting with the Australian Healthcare system, making reference to the healthcare continuum and a healthcare environment with which you are familiar.


  • Research how the prioritization list has been formulated.
  • Outline the aspects of the healthcare system to which you are referring.
  • In your positions, consider aspects of a business case, such as cost effectiveness.
  • Relate your key points as much as possible to evidence including instances or examples of where your recommendations might have been applied already in practice.

To receive formative feedback, please provide an outline of your report addressing the5keyelements above in your blog by the date listed under the Case Study Report details in the subject outline. Requirements your report should meet the following criteria:

  • Typed in Word format.
  • Length should be a maximum of 2000 words.
  • Your submission should follow the report format.
  • APA Style (7th Edition) must be used for references and citations.
  • This is an individual assessment task. All work presented should be your own.
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