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Operations Management Assignment

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Operations Management Assignment

Assignment Brief

  1. Purpose of the Assessment

Conceptual frameworks and practical examples of how operations can be analysed in different environments. This module is designed to enhance student involvement in the learning process using active learning techniques including group work, case studies

  1. Assessment Task

2.1 Individual Assignment (AS1), weighting 100 % of the marks (LO1-LO4), 4000 words.

Discuss mass production and its transformation to mass customization with a focus on how adherence to Lean/JIT approach could reduce the problems of mass customization such as increasing inventory, which MC is supposed to eradicate.


Outline the historical development of the mass production system. (400 words)

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mass production using adequate sources treated in a critical manner (1000 words)

Explain how the disadvantages of mass production could lead to mass customization (1000 words)

Review the application to a company or industry (600 words).

Evaluate the likely impact of Len/JIT approach to preventing the re-emergence of increased inventory and other such problems in mass customisation. (700 words)

You need Introduction and Conclusions (300 words)

Word Limit: The assessment should be limited to 4,000 words (+/- 10%). If you end up with more than 4400 words or less than 3600 words you must revise the text judiciously to deliver work within the stated limits.

Style requirements: Except for the Titles and subtitles, you are not allowed to highlight text, which will be in Arial size 11, and without indentations. The main title is highlighted in size 16, and the subtitles are highlighted in size 14. The margins should be justified, not aligned to the left. Additionally, the space between lines should be single and the space between paragraphs should be double. The work will be in Report form and not the Essay form requiring and Introduction, the main body with subtitles and a conclusion. Operations Management Assignment


It is expected that the Reference List will contain between ten and fifteen sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include two refereed academic journals and three academic books. Try to use some words to indicate internet sources APA FORMAT

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