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Occupational Health Methods Assignment

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Answer the following questions, note that some answers may be given in point-form or in a table format.

Part A   (Module 3 – Occupational Health Methods)

  1. There are five main reasons that would trigger an occupational hygiene assessment in a workplace.  Using a hospital’s histology laboratory as an example, explain how these reasons would apply to this occupational setting.  (Note: a histology lab would use chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene)
  • What are the three basic components of an occupational hygiene survey?  For each component, describe three areas of focus.
  • Describe the general concept of the NIOSH ‘Recommended Employee Exposure Determination and Measurement Strategy’. You answer should outline three recurring themes of this overall strategy.
  • Explain three reasons for conducting area sampling.
  • Describe the characteristics of “personal” sampling in occupational exposure assessment.  Briefly outline the reasons for conducting personal sampling?
  • Whom do you consider, when trying to determine which workers to sample?
  • Outline the three main factors on which the duration of sampling depends.
  • What factors determine how many samples must be taken?
  • What factors need to be considered when trying to determine the best time to sample?
  1. What is the difference between techniques using the principles of absorption versus adsorption when sampling for gases and vapours?
  1. Name and briefly describe the five detection techniques/methods that are used in the direct-reading instruments (DRI) for gases and vapours. 
  2. Name and briefly describe two commercially available DRI products that are used for workplace carbon monoxide sampling; your answer is required to include the following: product/brand name, product model, a brief description of the type of DRI sensor used, detection range, and the product specification websites. (Note: research on the internet is needed to obtain information of instrument via manufacturers/suppliers internet websites)
  3. Name the four major types of particulate matters? Briefly describe the factors that are considered in the selection of particulate matters sampling filters?
  4. Name the three size-selective sampling techniques.  Briefly describe these sampling methods and explain why they are used for particulate matter sampling.
  5. List four different laboratory analytical methods that are used to analyze occupational hygiene air samples.  Give two examples (chemical agents) that are analyzed by each of these methods.
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