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Nursing Multidimensional Care Assignment

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Module 01 Assignment – Presentation on Dementia

Module 01 Content

  1. Scenario
    As a manager on a medical surgical unit, part of the job responsibility includes chart audits.
    A trend noted during the most recent audit was the overuse of the term “dementia.” The nurse manager notes that there may be a lack of understanding between the types dementia as related to neurological diseases.
    The nurse manager developed a survey to evaluate the staff’s understanding of the different types of dementia. As a result of the survey, you have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation to increase the nurse’s awareness of the types of dementia a presentation was created.
    Choose one of the following topics for a focused presentation:

    1. Alzheimer’s
    1. Parkinson’s
    1. Vascular Dementia
    1. The presentation should include the following:
    1. Pathophysiology
    1. Etiology & incidence
    1. Health promotion and maintenance
    1. History/Risk factors
    1. Physical signs and symptoms
    1. Changes in cognition
    1. Changes in behavior & personality
    1. Changes in self-management skills
    1. Diagnostics: laboratory and imaging assessment
    1. Planning and implementation
    1. Interprofessional Collaborative Care
    1. Psychosocial integrity
    1. Medications
    1. Safety considerations
    1. Using Ignatavicius and one additional resource, develop a presentation to enhance the nurses’ knowledge of the differences between types of dementia and delirium. Be sure to document your source(s) in your presentation.
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