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Nursing Leadership Case Study

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Respond to the case study in 200 words per question 1-4 — using the attached textbook and 4 other evidence-based resource. Be sure to use proper APA formatting. 

Rachelle Mensch is a nurse manager for a 22-bed critical care unit (CCU) in a community hospital in Macon, Georgia. Nurse Mensch is responsible for evaluating all employees who work in the CCU. The hospital has a process whereby all employees are evaluated in the same month to take care of evaluation at one time. Nurse Mensch has a total of 50 employees who work in the CCU and must complete all the evaluations in the month of January. She has been busy and has not had the opportunity to keep monthly records of employee performance. It is now December, and the first evaluation should be scheduled for the first week in January. Because of the urgency of completing the evaluations, Nurse Mensch schedules one day to observe all employees. During the observation day, she makes many notations but realizes that she has not observed everyone. Because of the time constraints, Nurse Mensch decides to evaluate the rest of the employees whom she has not observed from events she remembers.

Case Study

1. What types of evaluator errors is Nurse Mensch making both when she evaluates employees by memory and when she evaluates many over the course of just one day? how can this evolution error be corrected? 

2. Describe three methods Nurse Mensch could have used (or combined) to collect useful performance data for her employees, citing disadvantages and risks.

3. Based on chapter 12 explain the components of a successful performance evaluation process as a nurse leader. Provide example to support your statement. 

4. Set the stage for a successful performance review that clearly identifies performance strengths and weaknesses within a trusting environment.

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