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Nurse Manager Assignment

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  • Please answer all questions associated with the case study as thoroughly as you can.
  • Please use at least 2 references when responding to the Case Study unless otherwise noted.
  • There is no length requirement as long as you answer the questions thoroughly and use a reference(s) to support your responses.
  • Use the most current APA edition when writing and referencing.
  • Please proofread your papers.

Janice Menovich, a nurse manager on an oncology unit, is trying to increase the skill mix from 50% registered nurses (RNs) to 62% RNs. Nurse Menovich believes that it is essential to have a high percentage of RNs because of the chemotherapy administered on this unit. Jessie Salee, a nurse manager on a surgical unit, is also trying to increase the skill mix of RNs from 50% to 55%. Nurse Salee believes that this change should be supported because of the increasing acuity levels and decreasing amount of time in the PACU, especially on the 3-11 PM shift.

The vice-president of nursing has announced that there will be a small increase in RN positions (approximately five new RN positions) and that she would like proposals from the managers on how to allocate the scarce resources in the best possible way. Nurse Manovich decides that she needs all five positions and writes up a detailed report, which she gives to the vice president of nursing. She makes an appointment with the vice president of nursing to follow up on the memorandum. The vice president of nursing asks Nurse Menovich whether she can negotiate for fewer RN positions so that Nurse Salee’s unit also can be allocated new positions. Nurse Menovich states that she can prove why she needs the RN positions more than Nurse Salee and that she will do what it takes to obtain the positions for her unit.

  • Which type of conflict is described in this case study?
  • What conflict management strategy or mode is Nurse Menovich using to get all of the RN positions?
  • What conflict management strategy or mode is Nurse Salee using to get all of the RN positions?
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